Why write cursive?

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Why write cursive? For the same reaosn you learn to make fires, sail, hike, fish, gut a fish, pluck a chicken, ride a horse, cook and grow a garden and flowers. Writing and reading languages other than English (Spanish and Hebrew for me) is also cultivating. Its makes us human and gives us an unmediated experience to the world. That's why. To ask why is a tell I am afraid of "prole drift". Or you can do all your writing by computer and order your food through a speaker from your car and experience life through television or video games--like a good mercunLike MB have a fountain pen stable alas now retired and roller balls and gel pens are amazing. Typewriter used to address items or write lists, and computer for work 2 hours per day max....As you go to Europe MB one wonders what the U.S. is. Some in U.S. think of U.S. as a European culture but its really not (argentina is ) its not latin, its hard to say what it is. I think its a weird syncretism of English religious nuts and prole Scotss Irish magical thinking with a growth of Marxism with protestant predestination....I am reaching I know...help me here. http://wlhoknkdy.com [url=http://dseizow.com]dseizow[/url] [link=http://axaazidg.com]axaazidg[/link]

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