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  • Thank you all for yo

    Thank you all for yo

    Mujer busca Mujer vZQ34T8KlLZo (xjKKmOnX) Diciembre 15, 2015 Gratis

    Thank you all for your appreciation of my Spanish. It's never easy over the phone, but the anirelattve here was a simultaneous translation by Juan Carlos, which would have been a rather clunky format, I thought. The hardest thing for me is when I'm w...

  • in his show The Unto

    in his show The Unto

    Mujer busca Mujer O5YU6hZ8onw5 (Fg6uEr6tIQs) Diciembre 13, 2015 Gratis

    in his show The Untold History of the United States. To paraphrase, he said how a truly wise pepole would, rather than seeking total annihilation of the enemy, learn from the enemy and change one's ways. What prevents Americans from doing this right ...

  • Jesse-Actually, I th

    Jesse-Actually, I th

    Mujer busca Mujer 2jDzv7moqgm (iBszWsKQo) Diciembre 11, 2015 Gratis

    Jesse-Actually, I think it may be a bit more complicated than that. Check out a bk I wrote caelld "Why America Failed."Meanwhile, May 6 issue of New Yorker ran an impt article by Steve Coll on drones: "Remote Control." Wafers, don' miss it!mb http://...

  • daHola, soy de Chicl

    daHola, soy de Chicl

    Mujer busca Mujer WQiQjBL9 (B3kYg5T6nv2) Diciembre 11, 2015 Gratis

    daHola, soy de Chiclayo y quisiera que Alejando sea mi prjaea de promocic3b3n c2bfse puede? y tambic3a9n quisiera saber cuc3a1nto me costarc3ada eso, por favor contc3a9stenme.

  • me olvide. No puede

    me olvide. No puede

    Mujer busca Mujer VEZ7KNu4 (TxHYFEoS2) Diciembre 10, 2015 Gratis

    me olvide. No puede ser, no endneti nada lo primero que fui a decir de la chicn chin, lo que pasa que mandas un tijeretazo y no se enteinde nada. Igual sirve para tu preferencia, porque dije "La primera nota de la noche a una chin chin" y vos lo llev...

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