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  • Dovidel,Excellent qu

    Dovidel,Excellent qu

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    Dovidel,Excellent quote from my favorite book. It's a fair and aarccute point. A revised statement should be:What's worse? Rich morons who hate everyone but themselves, or poor morons who hate everyone including themselves? [url=h...

  • MB,For years I have

    MB,For years I have

    Arte - Entretenimiento - Literatura nyZdRFTjdbyE (m6IGWw81FvbH) Diciembre 13, 2015 Gratis

    MB,For years I have been puzzled by somiehtng. If you travel to India you will see its pretty much a very, very poor place awful in many ways. Like many places it has its charms I guess (food is good etc). But its fair to characterize it as office pa...

  • Cube-Well, she has a

    Cube-Well, she has a

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    Cube-Well, she has a very large rear end. I'm starting a cpimaagn to have her rump put on the $1 bill, replacing George. In fact, a friend of mine (this is the god's honest truth) has officially registered the domain name "", for th...

  • 181hola me gustaria

    181hola me gustaria

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    181hola me gustaria saber ctanuo es el costo si mario irivarren va a los 15 de mi hija, y tambien quiero saber si solo hacen eso de chambelan o tambien dan servicio de bufet y todo lo que se necesita para un quino gracias espero su respuesta..P.D: lo...

  • , doesn't need daily

    , doesn't need daily

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    , doesn't need daily treatment, but will the torch in a firaly regularly about Shopping, discovery travel channel, mlb extra innings, nfl sunday ticket, post your answers to question: Father's Day Gift for dadThe mission of Yenoba is to provide free,...

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