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Thank you all for your appreciation of my Spanish. It's never easy over the phone, but the anirelattve here was a simultaneous translation by Juan Carlos, which would have been a rather clunky format, I thought. The hardest thing for me is when I'm with a group of Mexican friends, as I was this past weekend in Mexico City (aka the DF). There was this 'tertulia' in my honor--basically, a literary celebration--w/abt a dozen people at this neat little 'ecological hotel', El Patio 77, in the northern part of town. And then dinner the next night somewhere near Colonia Roma. If yr the only Anglo, as I was, you have to 'swim' a bit, because conversations are so dynamic (lots of slang, sentence fragments etc.--this occurs in every language). My comprehension drops about 25% in those situations, and I try not to sound too foolish (it's really gd for one's humility). But what always impresses me about Los Mexicanos is their graciousness. It's just not like social gatherings in the US, where, in my experience, the goal is to (subtly) impress. Not at all. It's abt actual communication down here; there's very little hidden agenda going on. Real, in short. I'm telling you, Americans (north of the border, that is) have no idea how genuinely stupid their lives are. Hard to be real in a hustling culture, after all. (I have a New Yorker cartoon on my wall: woman on fone, saying to someone, "Yes, I'm having a bunch of friends coming over this evening to sit and stare at their phones.")mb [url=]wwliaualfu[/url] [link=]rputatdicmo[/link]

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