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Jesse, Bingo, Dane28094In no way do I mean to excuse the bhoivaer of parents who abandon their families, but let me say that Americans tend to focus on (and blame) individual bhoivaer, while ignoring the role of social organization. Whether this mothere28099s bhoivaer is unique to or typical of American or capitalist society I cane28099t say, but the American/capitalist isolated nuclear family is a truly bizarre anomaly in most of human history. It leaves people vulnerable in all kinds of ways.Even when this sort of thing doesne28099t happen, I think wee28099ve discussed how all children in such a society live with the subliminal terror that something might happen to their parents.Ie28099ve already told the story of how an African student of mine told me that his sister had just died. When I asked him what would happen to her children, he replied that they would stay in the same house with their grandmother, two aunts, and a number of cousins. Of course ite28099s tragic for children to lose their mother, but a decent society can provide make a huge difference in what it does to the kids e28093 and people who were born and grew up in American Suburbia probably cane28099t even imagine it. Indeed, we live in a truly perverted society e28093 which leaves none of us untouched. (I wone28099t elaborate on the fact that when a man abandons his family in a patriarchal society, there is often a tendency to blame the woman for not being a good enough wife and mother. A common response might be: e2809cWhat kind of a woman would do such a thing?e2809d)David Rosen [url=]zptbgk[/url] [link=]waepjhhs[/link]

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